Silver galvanized bracelet, decorated with authentic certified snakeskin leather .

The " Lift-Up " technique consists in lifting scales up then painting them under. This work is completely realized by hand.

Several months of researches and elaborations were necessary for Maison Opale to obtain an alloy of a sharpness and an extreme lightness while guaranteeing its solidity and its ajustability.

The result is a light and ajustable bracelet that you can wear it where you want on your arm.

Is so light as you will forget that it is on your wrist.

Galvanise treatment guarantee anti-oxidation of your bracelet over the years .

All our design are entire handmade using traditional methods in our parisian factory. They require more than 100 steps of manufacturing and ask several hours of an attentive work, what confers them a dimension of unique pieces.

OPALE - Navajo Lilac Python

₪400.00 Regular Price
₪320.00Sale Price